H-Pile Splicers VS400 Series

Product Details

H-Pile splicers save time during driving of long piles by eliminating the need for a full penweld. Made in ASTM A572GR50 or higher strength if requested.

Weld Procedure

  • Cut 1.0” wide x 1.0" long notch in center of web of one pile
  • Chamfer outside edges of flanges on ends of one or both piles to be spliced. Make chamfer to about ½ material thickness
  • Insert splicer on first pile making sure bolt is completely inside notch
  • Install next section of pile and tighten bolt
  • Using a 70xx series rod, weld the flanges of splicer to the flanges of the pile with (TABLE)” by 3” vertical fillets
  • Weld the outside flanges of the piles to complete
  • Full Weld Description PDF

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