H-Pile Points VS300N Series

Product Details

Versa Steel H-Pile points are made of high strength, low alloy cast steel. Cast steel is a superior material choice because it's isotropic -- its properties are uniform in all directions. Cast steel points absorb impact and transfer it uniformly to the end of the pile.

Tips are pre-beveled, eliminating pile end preparation. The weld prep is already built into the point; our castings have a 45 degree weld chamfer so there is no need to chamfer piles.

Weld Procedure

  • To insure proper seating of the tip, remove all flash from end of pile and insert tip.
  • Using a 70xx series rod, make a single pass weld (see table) across each flange on the outside only.
  • Do not weld web or inside of flanges.
  • For heavier sections, you may want to use multiple welding passes.
  • Full Weld Description PDF

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