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Engineered for Strength

Our points and shoes are made from carbon steel cast to ASTM A 27, grade 63-35. For extreme driving conditions, we also offer tips in ASTM A 148, grade 90-60 and grade 80-50. Cast steel pile tips feature a homogeneous grain structure that eliminates the stress zones commonly found in welded tip reinforcement.

Meet & Exceed Specifications

Versa Steel points meet the requirements of all of the state departments of transportation. Versa Steel pile points and shoes also meet and exceed military specification #MIL-T-28681A. Built to stand up, they are dependable for tough driving conditions. For superior quality and performance in piling accessories, look to Versa Steel.

Full Range of Products

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Versa Steel points are engineered for excellent performance under the most punishing conditions. We offer piling accessories, points, splicers, tips, rings and more. For more information or to request a quote call or email us today!

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